Research Projects

The work within the CRC is organized into two project areas and comprises 14 research projects and one transfer project. Project area A, "Sensor Technology", covers the range from materials research on novel ME composites and their constituents (A1, A2) to the research on new sensor concepts (A4, A5, A7, A9) including their in situ characterization (A6, A10) and materials and sensor modelling (A8, A10). Project area B, "Magnetoelectric Sensor Systems for Medical Applications", uses sensor concepts of project area A and deals with analogue and digital signal processing (B1, B2) and three different life science applications (B7, B9, B10) that are considered to be in the range of the sensors’ performance within the second funding period. The former project B5 on deep brain stimulation is continued as a transfer project T1 with Boston Scientific as the industrial partner.

The integration of medical projects at any stage is a specific characteristic of the CRC 1261. It ensures the provision of specific sensor targets and specifications for medical applications as well as the evaluation of the sensors’ performance using realistic and medically relevant problems and environments. Both are considered to be key factors for reaching the overall aims of the CRC. As a consequence, this approach requires a continuous, dedicated, interdisciplinary orientation of the CRC with the participation of internationally well-recognized groups from materials science, physics, electrical engineering, and medicine at Kiel University in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute of Silicon Technology (ISIT) and the Leibniz-Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN) throughout all three funding periods. The two project areas will be complemented by two service projects (Z1, Z2), the Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG), and the Scientific Outreach Project (SOP).


Project Area A - Sensor Technology

Projects Involved researchers
A1 - Magnetostrictive Multilayers for Magnetoelectric Sensors Jeffrey McCord
Dirk Meyners
Dennis Seidler
Lars Thormählen
A2 - Hybrid Magnetoelectric Sensors Based on Mechanically Soft Composite Materials Rainer Adelung
Franz Faupel
Stefan Schröder
Thomas Strunskus
Lukas Zimoch
A4 - ΔE-Effect Sensors Franz Faupel
Robert Rieger
Fatih Ilgaz
Patrick Wiegand
A5 - Piezotronic Magnetoelectric Composites Rainer Adelung
Martha Gerhardt
A6 - Microstructure and Structural Change of Magnetoelectric and Piezotronic Sensors Bridget Murphy
Lorenz Kienle
Otto Lippmann
Niklas Wolff
A7 - Electrically Modulated Magnetoelectric Sensors Eckhard Quandt
Felix Schlichting
A8 - Modelling of Magnetoelectric Sensors Martina Gerken
Giuseppe Barbieri
A9 - Surface Acoustic Wave Magnetic Field Sensors Eckhard Quandt
Fabian Lofink
Jana Meyer
Felix Weisheit
A10 - Magnetic Noise of Magnetoelectric Sensors Jeffrey McCord
Stephan Wulfinghoff
Christian Dorn Elizaveta Golubeva


Project Area B - Magnetoelectric Sensor Systems for Medical Applications

Projects Involved researchers
B1 - Sensor Noise Performance and Analogue System Design Michael Höft
Andreas Bahr
Johan Arbustini Henrik Wolframm
B2 - Digital Signal Processing Gerhard Schmidt
Christin Bald
B7 - 3D-Imaging of Magnetically Labelled Cells Franz Faupel
Christine Selhuber-Unkel
Mohammad Sadeghi
Angeles De la Cruz García
B9 - Magnetoelectric Sensors for Movement Detection and Analysis Walter Maetzler
Gerhard Schmidt
Johannes Hoffmann
Clint Hansen
B10 - Magnetoelectric Sensor Systems for Cardiologic Applications Norbert Frey
Gerhard Schmidt
Erik Engelhardt
Adrian Zaman
T1 - Transfer Project – Individualized Deep Brain Stimulation Michael Höft
Günther Deuschl
Ann-Kristin Helmers
Mevlüt Yalaz


Service Projects

Projects Involved researchers
Z1 - MEMS Magnetoelectric Sensor Fabrication Dirk Meyners
Fabian Lofink
Lisa Hanke
Hanna Lewitz
Jana Meyer
Marc Alexander Nowak
Z2 - Magnetoelectric Sensor Characterization Michael Höft
Gerhard Schmidt
Eric Elzenheimer


Integrated Research Training Group

Projects Involved researchers
IRTG - Integrated Research Training Group Martina Gerken
Walter Maetzler
Jeffrey McCord


Science Outreach

Projects Involved researchers
SOP - Scientific Outreach Project Carolin Enzingmüller
Ilka Parchmann
Hendrik Groß