Project A5 - Piezotronic Magnetoelectric Composites

Biomagnetic sensors that are resistant to noise and have a high signal-to-noise ratio are desired for the envisaged applications within the CRC. One strategy to reduce noise is to place the pre-amplification as close as possible to the sensor. The aim of the proposed project is the investigation of current-based ME sensing devices relying on the piezotronic effect, which provides a pre-amplification directly in the piezomaterial. Furthermore, ZnO and GaN needle-shaped sensors permit a very compact design; therefore, an envisioned biomedical application is a catheter-mounted sensor, for example, for intracardiac magnetic field detection as an alternative to the currently used tunnel magneto resistance (TMR) and giant magneto resistance (GMR) sensors. For comparison, more conventional miniaturized AlN piezotronic sensors will be explored as well. To understand the lower detection limit, transition metal chalcogenides (TMDs) will be employed in piezotronics that currently show the highest potential for miniaturization as they consist of monolayer thicknesses, but are most challenging in terms of sample handling and electrical contact establishment. Consequently, in this funding period it is proposed to examine and understand miniaturized piezotronic devices; in the next funding period, the biomaterial applications with the most successful piezotronic sensors are envisioned. The high resonance frequencies of the small needles require driving the sensors in ΔE mode. In order to apply the piezotronic concept in biomagnetic analytics, the advantages of piezotronic ME sensors, such as the small size and integrated pre-amplification, suggest them for the biomagnetic application of intracardiac probes. The intracardiac application is less challenging in terms of limit of detection (LOD), because the ME sensors in the body are much closer to the natural magnetic sources such as the heart and the field is 100 - 400 times stronger due to the proximity. The pre-amplification inside the piezotronic space charge region makes it robust for the long way out of the body, if they are used as catheter probes. Broadband low field detection will be enabled by a ΔE-effect sensor design that allows low field readout with high frequencies.


Involved Researchers

Person Role
Prof. Dr. Rainer Adelung
Materials Science
Functional Nanomaterials
Project lead
Dr. Sören Kaps
Materials Science
Functional Nanomaterials
Project lead
M.Sc. Martha Gerhardt
Materials Science
Functional Nanomaterials
Doctoral researcher


Role within the Collaborative Research Centre

Cooperate with the following projects:

A2 (Hybrid Magnetoelectric Sensors based on Mechanically Soft Composite Materials) Sensor undamping.
A4 (∆E-Effect Sensors) ∆E sensor readout.
A6 (Microstructure and Structural Change of Magnetoelectric and Piezotronic Sensors) TEM.
A8 (Modelling of Magnetoelectric Sensors) Modelling of the sensors.
Z1 (MEMS Magnetoelectric Sensor Fabrication) Sensor fabrication.
Z2 (Magnetoelectric Sensor Characterization) Sensor characterization.


Project-related Publications

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