The CRC has several Git repoistories. Some of them are (or will be) publically available. They are listed on below. The others are for internal use only. If you want to access them, please contact Thorge Petersen.



List of Externally Available Git Repositories

Below our publicly available program codes are listed. If you are interested in our research and want to find out how the results of our publications are computed, please to feel free to have a look on our git repositories. In most cases you are free to use and expand/improve/modify our code. For more details have a look at the individucal licence statements that are included in the repositories. We are always happy to receive feedback, plase make use of the corresponding github tools for that.

Name Description Link
MCG Quality Classes This repository contains all figures, code and results used in the creation of the BMT 2022 paper "Towards Analytically Computable Quality Classes for MCG Sensor Systems". Github


List of Internally Available Git Repositories

Name Description Link
Events All data related to our events, e.g. the slides of presentations that are given during our retreats. Link to git repository