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PhD and Postdoc Positions

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PhD position

Biomagnetic Sensing

In cooperation with other researchers, a measurement system will be realized that allows the detection of changing magnetic signals from the human body. Signals may be read out deeply from the body via highly sensitive magnetic field sensors. Thus, a wireless biosensor system will be realized. Your tasks will focus on modeling and simulation of the magnetoelectric sensor system and performing validation experiments.

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PhD / postdoc position

Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors

In cooperation with other researchers, highly sensitive surface-acoustic-wave sensors (SAW) will be developed for the detection of biomagnetic fields. For this purpose, magnetostrictive materials will be integrated with the SAW sensor. Your task is to research SAW sensors with acoustic superlattice (phononic crystal) as well as with resonator structures to increase the sensitivity and decrease the detection limit. These sensor concepts shall be theoretically analyzed in simulations and experimentally tested together with research partners.

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Administrative Positions

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Hiwi Positions (Student Jobs)

Type of job Short description Details
Hiwi job Design and creation of circuits for the evaluation of individual electronic components, realization of specialized measurement setups Pdf link