Student-only Workshops

The Student-Only-Workshops (SOW) are, as the name suggests, for PhD students (and postdocs) to interact with each other. During the meetings, the latest research results are discussed and current research problems are exchanged. Together, solutions can be found and collaborations can be further developed. Every now and then there are laboratory tours by individual doctoral students. This way, everyone else (especially newcomers) can get an idea of the possible measurement setups, which they might even be able to use for an experiment themselves. In addition, the meetings serve to pass on organizational information from the student representatives of the IRTG Board.


Previous Workshops

Date and time Room Topics
01.08.2023, 13:00 h Online
  • Reminder to update the talk list
  • Discussion about IRTG next funding period
  • Presentation of project B9 (Johannes Hoffmann)
  • 18.07.2023, 13:00 h Aquarium
  • Reminder about the summer school hotels
  • Update about the move of the CRC Lab
  • New template for CRC funding applications
  • Presentation of project A4 (Fatih Ilgaz)
  • Presentation of project A5 (Martha Gerhardt)
  • 20.06.2023, 13:00 h Aquarium
  • Reminder about the summer school speaker list and travel survey
  • Discussion about IRTG next funding period
  • Discussion about BMT and Boston conference
  • 06.06.2023, 13:00 h Aquarium
  • Information about the date, program and travelling for the summer school
  • Information about the weekly podcast episodes
  • Presentation of project B1 (Henrik Wolframm)
  • 23.05.2023, 13:00 h Online
  • Support for the summer school organisation and survey about the start date
  • Discussion about new IRTG board member
  • Presentation of project B1 (Johan Arbustini)
  • 25.04.2023, 13:00 h Aquarium
  • Discussion IRTG next funding period
  • Information about podcast
  • Presentation of project A2 (Lukas Zimoch)
  • 13.03.2023, 13:00 h Online
  • Information about posters for retreat
  • Discussion with Felix and Carolin about Heidelberg trip, conference applications, research stay applications and Munich summer school
  • Lab tour of project A1 (Dennis Seidler)
  • 14.02.2023, 13:00 h Aquarium
  • Planning of suitable week for summer school in Munich
  • Presentation of project A1 (Lars Thormählen)
  • 14.02.2023, 13:00 h Aquarium
  • Coordination of external research stays
  • Reminder of sensor / applicaiton matching survey
  • Presentation of project A4 (Patrick Wiegand)
  • 31.01.2023, 13:00 h Aquarium
  • Reminder about research data management meeting
  • Planning of future SOW presentations
  • 13.12.2022, 13:00 h Online
  • Discussion about IRTG plans for next funding period
  • Information about general assembly
  • Information about Punschnight
  • Presentation of Project A8 (Ömur Özden)
  • Lab tour of
  • Presentation of project A10 (Christian Dorn)
  • Presentation of project A1 (Elizaveta Spetzler)
  • 19.11.2022, 13:00 h Aquarium
  • Discussion about IRTG plans for next funding period
  • Options to do lab tours during SOW meeting instead of talks
  • Discussion about Blender Course
  • Organization of Christmas party
  • Distribution of news about field trip to Heidelberg
  • Presentation of project A10 (Christian Dorn)
  • Presentation of project T1 (Mevlüt Yalaz)
  • 15.11.2022, 13:00 h Aquarium
  • Further discussion about next summer school
  • Ideas about combination with visit to Deutsches Museum
  • Introduction of new CRC internal calendar
  • Announcement of next CRC invited speakers
  • 18.10.2022, 13:00 h Online
  • Reminder about Research and Qualification Plans
  • Discussiona about next summer school
  • Presentation of project B9 (Johannes Hoffmann)
  • Presentation of project A9 (Jana Meyer)
  • 04.10.2022, 13:00 h Aquarium
  • Reminder about DFG survey
  • Information about new CRC calendar for easier planning
  • Presentation of project A9 (Viktor Schell)
  • 06.09.2022, 13:00 h Online
  • Information about retreat: travel authorization, poster printing, Git-Lab access
  • Discussion and feedback for summer school
  • Presentation of project B2 (Christin Bald)
  • 23.08.2022, 13:00 h Online
  • Information about summer school travel requests, payment and registration
  • Further information about upcomming retreat
  • 09.08.2022, 13:00 h Online
  • Information about poster presentations at next retreat
  • Inforamations about summer school sailing trip
  • Presentation of project A5 (Martha Gerhardt)
  • 26.07.2022, 13:00 h Online
  • Information and discussion about Comsol and Matlab workshops
  • Discussion about documentation of conference visits
  • Presentation of project A4 (Fatih Ilgaz)
  • 12.07.2022, 13:00 h Online
  • Discussion of plans for CRC website
  • Discussion about online/presence meetings
  • Presentation of project B10 (Erik Engelhardt)
  • 28.06.2022, 13:00 h Online
  • Summer school update
  • Planning for trip to Heidelberg
  • Presentation of project A4 (Patrick Wiegand)
  • 31.05.2022, 13:00 h Hybrid (Aquarium and online via zoom)
  • Information about the upcoming summer event and summer school
  • Presentation of project B1 (Johan Arbustini)
  • 17.05.2022, 13:00 h Hybrid (Aquarium and online via zoom)
  • Presentation of project A2 (Lukas Zimoch)
  • 03.05.2022, 13:00 h Hybrid (Aquarium and online via zoom)
  • Presentation of project A1 (Lars Thormählen)
  • Exchange of information about the external research stay
  • 19.04.2022, 13:00 h Online
  • Presentation of project Z1 (Marc Alexander Nowak)
  • Presentation of project B1 (Henrik Wolframm)
  • 05.04.2022, 13:00 h Online
  • Presentation of project Z1 (Hanna Lewitz)
  • Discussion of time plan for SOW talks
  • Announcement for IIM 2022
  • 25.02.2022, 14:00 h Online
  • Virtual get together in Gather Town
  • 28.01.2022, 14:00 h Online
  • Virtual get together in Gather Town
  • 14.01.2022, 14:00 h Online
  • Virtual get together in Gather Town
  • 17.12.2021, 14:00 h Online
  • Virtual get together in Gather Town
  • 03.12.2021, 14:00 h Online
  • Virtual get together in Gather Town
  • 12.08.2021, 16:00 h Online
  • Information about upcoming summer school and retreat
  • Information about nature master classes offered
  • Literature review discussion

    Regular Meetings

    Date, time and room Topic
    01.08.2023, 13:00 h Johannes Hoffmann (B9) - Talk: Current Research
    ME sensor setup for gait kinematics estimation

    Johannes presented recent progress on the newly develeoped setup for the magnetic assessment of gait kinematics as it was recently tested in the clinical motor lab. He also expanded on some learnings from previous setups regarding wiring, current monitoring, and sensor protection.

    18.07.2023, 13:00 h Fatih Ilgaz (A4) - Talk: Current Research
    Hard biased and exchange biased films for miniaturized delta-E effect sensors

    Fatih presented results from hard biased and exchange biased test structures. Problems and possible solutions about hard biased films were discussed.

    18.07.2023, 13:00 h Martha Gerhardt (A5) - Talk: Other/Discussion
    Tools for Project Management

    In Martha's talk some of the newly learned tools from the project management course were presentend. Personal experience and recommendations of the participants were added.

    14.02.2023, 13:00 h Patrick Wiegand (A4) - Talk: Other/Discussion
    Meta Data Management

    The current plan of the data management group about metadata management was presented and discussed. Problems and opportunities in including a basic metadata shema in eveyones workflow were brought up. A first possible implementation of an automatization in mathlab was proposed.

    13.12.2022, 13:00 h Christian Dorn (A10) - Talk: Knowledge Transfer

    introduction to high performance computing in general and at CAU computing center; live demonstration of small python example at nesh cluster; discussion about capabilities of high performance computing

    15.11.2022, 13:00 h, online Jana Meyer (A9) - Talk: Knowledge Transfer
    3D graphics and animations in blender

    A quick start guide to the freeware program blender was given to have a starting point for 3D graphis for scientific posters, papers, presentation or the thesis. Therefore, a BMM cantilever 3D graphic/animation was done live in blender.

    15.11.2022, 13:00 h, online Johannes Hoffmann (B9) - Talk: Knowledge Transfer
    Matched filters

    In his talk, Johannes elaborated on the fundamental capabilities, requirements and limitations for the use of matched filters in CRC-related applications. Therefore, he shortly described the “ingredients” for this approach which are autocorrelation, multiplication theorem and time-bandwidth-product.

    04.10.2022, 13:00 h, online Victor Schell (A9) - Talk: Current Research
    Temperature in SAW Sensors, magnetic flux concentration

    Thermography measurements were presented, which show that heat is generated in the SAW device during excitation. This temperature increase is proportional to the increase in excitation power and can be a potential influence on phase noise. Additionally, the increase in temperature varies with the magnetic state in the exchange biased films. The identification of different noise contributions in exchange biased SAW sensors is a key goal for the rest of the funding period. Furthermore, magnetic flux concentrators were introduced to a exchange biased SAW sensor, which improved the sensitivity by a factor of 4. The reduction of LOD through flux concentration is by a factor of 2, since the metglas layers used for flux concentration also add magnetic noise.

    09.08.2022, 13:00 h, online Martha Gerhardt (A5) - Talk: Current Research
    New Concept for Research Regarding Noise

    An introduction to a new concept idea was given. To reduce magnetic noise permanent magnets could be used as the magnetic component. Additionally the noise behaviour of the current sensor was shown and shortly discussed.

    Other Issues
    • Poster presentation at next retreat
    • Git access
    • Update: Summer school
    26.07.2022, 13:00 h, online Fatih Ilgaz (A4) - Talk: Current Research
    Delta-E Measurements

    In Fatih’s talk, he introduced the new impedance measurement setup. He showed the magnetic and the electrical sensitivities at different resonance modes of various sensors. He also presented the comparison of the simulations and the vibrometer measurements of resonance mode shapes.

    Other Issues
    • Info: Comsol lecture planned for next semester
    • Info: Matlab course available
    • Info: Short summary for conferences sponsored by IRTG
    12.07.2022, 13:00 h, online Erik Engelhardt (B10) - Talk: Current Research
    Kiel Cardio Database

    The Kiel Cardio Database currently consists of OPM-MCG measurements from seven patients. We plan to expand it in the future to include additional MCG measurements as well as ECG measurements and MRI/CT scans. The database is currently being made available on our website so that other research groups can benefit from our measurements. In addition to the content of the database, Erik also talked about the challenges he encountered during the measurement campaign and how we can provide access to the databases through our website. The goal of this presentation was to show the graduate students what to consider when creating a public database.

    Other issues
    • Info on new SOW website section
    • Discussion: Switch to online format
    28.06.2022, 13:00 h, online Patrick Wiegand (A4) - Discussion
    CRC-wide Sharing of Device Interface Functions

    The demand for a CRC wide sharing of matlab functions was discussed. Guidelines for creating, maintenance and sharing these in gitlab were established and the first function was uploaded.

    Other issues
    • Forming of organization comittee for Heidelberg Trip
    • Update on summer school
    • Discussion: Poster sessions as new retreat format
    31.05.2022, 13:00 h, hybrid (Aquarium and online via zoom) Johan Arbustini (B1) - Talk: Knowledge Transfer
    Read-out Schemes

    In the talk, Johan is presenting the topics related to B1 project. The topics focus on exploring electrical and magnetic methods to reduce the noise in read-out schemes as magnetic flux modulation on SAW sensor, MEMS for frequency conversion and PCB for converse ME composite resonator.

    Other issues
    • News on summer event
    • News on summer school
    03.05.2022, 13:00 h, hybrid (Aquarium and online via zoom) Lars Thormählen (A1) - Talk: Current Challenge
    Challenges and Results of Magnetic Material Deposition by PVD

    Project A1 is confronted with a large variance of tasks for which solutions and results have to be obtained. In the lecture, the main aspects of the deposition of magnetic materials in an applied magnetic field will be presented and discussed. The main focus will be on targets, magnetron and resulting magnetic layers, which will be used for the fabrication of the sensors needed in CRC 1261.

    Other Issues
    • Mona's absence
    • Driver's license
    • Upcoming board member election
    • Follow up discussion: Research stay abroad
    19.04.2022, 13:00 h, online Marc Alexander Nowak (Z1) - Talk: Current Research
    Fabrication of Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors

    Topic of Marc Alexander's talk was the fabrication of Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors under the aspect of reliable and reproducible sensor characteristics. The focus was on the magnetic layer and possibilities to manipulate and control the orientation of magnetic anisotropy. He reported on the investigations and first results obtained as well the feasibility of anisotropy alignment at desired angles..

    Henrik Wolframm (B1) - Talk: Knowledge Transfer
    Basics of PCB design

    PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) are the foundation of modern electronic circuits. The increasing change in the component market from wired components to SMD components makes the use of plug-in cards and punched circuit boards in the field of research and development increasingly impossible. As a consequence, even for the simplest circuits, it is necessary to layout them using ECAD tools and then to manufacture or order them. In this presentation some essential principles for the design of PCBs will be discussed. In addition, a selection of essential ECAD tools will be presented and the various procurement options for prototype PCBs will be discussed.

    Other Issues
    • News from Gerhard
    • Discussion: Research stay abroad
    28.01.2022, 14:00 h, online Elizaveta Golubeva (A10) - Talk: Knowledge Transfer
    Demagnetization of Samples

    In this talk, Elizaveta explained the magnetic history's influence on a sample's magnetic state and its performance as a magnetic field sensor. She illustrated the difference between demagnetized and non-demagnetized states using magnetooptical images and showed some nuances considering the correctly performed demagnetization procedure.

    Other Issues
    • Virtual get together in Gather
    14.01.2022, 14:00 h, online Johannes Hoffmann (B9) - Talk: Current Challenge
    Controlled Operating State / Environment for ME Sensor Applications

    In his talk, Johannes listed four challenges regarding a defined operating state for ME sensors in motion analysis and discussed potential solutions. This included electric cross talk (shielding), varying sensitivity (calibration), undefined sensor state (saturation), and mechanical noise (reference sensor).

    Other Issues
    • Reminder: Financing of conferences
    • New concept for international fellowships
    • Discussion: Attract international guests for summer school
    • Virtual get together in Gather