Summer School 2023 at Deutsches Museum


The Summer School 2023 took place from 04.09.2023 - 06.09.2023 at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. About 20 PhD students from the CRC met in Kiel on Monday morning and took the train to Munich Central Station, where we were warmly welcomed by Dr. Lorenz Kampschulte with a basket of original Bavarian pretzels. We continued with an introduction to the history and scope of the Deutsches Museum. On Tuesday, we worked in groups to create our own interactive exhibition stand. We first received some theoretical background on the topic in a class and then visited an exhibition on agriculture for inspiration. We then chose one of five categories, such as medicine or mathematics, and studied the exhibition in detail. Finally, we designed our own projects and tried them out on the museum's young staff. Our concepts ranged from Mobius bands to the strength of magnetic fields. It was a very interesting experience to design such a piece, as the target audience in this case was the casual museum visitor - with a less scientific background. On Wednesday we had some time to visit the exhibitions on our own and then took the train back to Kiel.