Summer School 2020 at the Kiel Innovation and Technolgy Center (KITZ)


Despite the difficult conditions caused by COVID, a summer school could be held at the KITZ - Kiel Innovation and Technology Center from August 17 to 19, 2020 due to the strict hygiene requirements. Despite the difficult conditions, a total of 20 PhD students from the CRC were able to participate and continue their education in the fields of microsystems technology, electrical design for biomagnetic sensors and computational materials science. Thanks to our invited guests, we were able to provide a great insight into the field of networked and distributed systems and human tissue modeling. Because of the importance of one's own perception for one's own career and the importance of general and scientific communication among each other, the soft skills training "Communication and Career" was carried out for the PhD students as part of the Summer School. This training was complemented by new methods for coping with stress situations and self-training in order to be prepared for many eventualities in the coming period as a doctoral student.